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Alamtab Tishna

Syed Alamtab Ali a very popular Sub-Continent poet was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India on April 10th, 1935. His takhalus, meaning his poetic name was Tishna, which means “Thirsty”. He is commonly known as Alamtab Tishna and as well as Tishna Meeruti. Tishna was a very literal individual and lived a very prosperous life.

He got is Master of Commerce from Meerut College and later, he acquired education from Harvard University – Boston and as well as he got a Fellowship from London School of Economics.

Tishna was a bureaucrat and works Pakistan Road Transport and later he held senior positions in his life till he passed away in 1991.

Alamtab Tishna started writing poetry when shaeyri (poetry) was very popular and there was a crowd of poets. It does not happen often that a poet gets popularity within few years in the poetic world, but Tishna became famous with his poetry among all people. His poetry is rich with classical flare along with fresh individuality and as well as you can see bold innovation. Tishna niche was incorporating analogies in his poetry, which is not an easy task, especially using them in poetry. He not only used analogies beautifully but also executed imaginary building, which is unique where old and new poetry mixed together to make it a magnificent confluence.

Alamtab Tishna

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